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You can contact us and tell us why you think we could start a project in your country.

All of the refrigerants we collect are destroyed in highly regulated incinerators with continuous monitoring equipment to ensure that their operation meets strict international, federal, and local environmental regulations. The most important of these regulations is a requirement that at least 99.99% of the refrigerant is destroyed. Once destroyed, all of our work is reviewed by third-party verifiers through a rigorous auditing process to confirm that we followed these rules. The result is a cleaner, healthier planet.

A carbon offset credit is, in essence, a certificate that confirms that greenhouse gases were either collected and destroyed or sequestered from the atmosphere. Carbon offsets are typically generated by independent organizations like Tradewater. Carbon offset projects are verified by third-party verification bodies and result in carbon offset credits that are issued by a non-profit carbon offset registry. A carbon offset credit represents the equivalent of one metric ton of carbon dioxide that was either prevented from being released into the atmosphere or was removed from the atmosphere.

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Our goal is to destroy some of the most potent greenhouse gases before they are released into the atmosphere. Help us fight global warming and ozone depletion by being a part of a climate solution that will ensure a healthy environment for generations to come.

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If you own or possess different types of refrigerant gases, such as CFC or recovered R22, we want to make you an offer! Follow the link below for quick and easy steps to get an offer.

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