BBC Books’ “39 Ways to Save the Planet” by Tom Heap (2021) Launch

“39 Ways to Save the Planet” by Tom Heap, BBC Books (2021)

BBC’s book “39 Ways to Save the Planet”, authored by Tom Heap, was launched this October 2021, highlighting stories around the world of key actions to combat climate change. We are proud that Tradewater’s work was selected as one of these, and recognized as the important and impactful work it is. Our Director of International Programs, María José Gutierrez Murray, contributed to telling our story in Guatemala and other places. If you are interested in reading about Tradewater and all other 38 ways to save the planet, you can purchase the book here!

This book is a complement to BBC Radio 4 podcast series “39 Ways to Save the Planet” released throughout this year. Six months before the book launch, in April, a specific episode was released featuring Tradewater’s work with refrigerant management, which you can learn more about by clicking here.