Side Event on MOP33 hosted by Tradewater


Panel Event Recording: “How putting a price on carbon can strengthen ODS action”

As the Parties of the Montreal Protocol meet to advance the agenda on Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) management at the 33rd Meeting of the Parties (MOP), parallel meetings are held to discuss related and key topics.

Tradewater hosted a Side Event on the topic of “How putting a price on carbon can strengthen ODS action” on October 25, 2021, with participation from 3 panelists whose highlights and conclusions included the following:

  • Meghan Lickley, from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), shared her research. She concludes that more CFC banks remain than previously thought around the world, and if unattended, would delay ozone recovery by 6 years and represent 9 billion metric tCO2e leaked to the atmosphere.
  • María José Gutierrez, from Tradewater, walked us through the work being done by Tradewater to find, collect and destroy these harmful refrigerants, so far having avoided over 5.1 million tCO2e. This work is made possible through the generation and sale of carbon offset credits as a way to finance the continuous search and proper management of these substances.
  • Vivian Ahiayibor, from Ghana’s City Waste Recycling (CWR), shared her experience dealing with refrigerants and working with Tradewater, which enabled CWR to travel around Ghana and other African Countries in search of CFCs. Vivian ended her presentation reminding us that, as long as there are initiatives that fight ozone depletion, such as Tradewater, the future is bright.

If you want to watch the full panel recording, you can do so above. If you want to learn more or have the need for Tradewater’s services, contact us.