Tradewater hosts Side Event at MOP34


As the Parties of the Montreal Protocol meet to advance the agenda on Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) management at the 34th Meeting of the Parties (MOP), parallel meetings are held to discuss related and key topics.

Tradewater hosted a Side Event on the topic of Opportunities and constraints to dispose of ODS refrigerant remnant stockpiles on October 31, 2022, the recording of which you can watch above:

While the Montreal Protocol has established a strong basis for the appropriate management of ODS substances, there are stockpiles of ODS remnants around the world that need a final disposal solution. It is essential and necessary to find and facilitate the disposal of these stockpiles. End-of-life destruction prevents these substances from leaking into the atmosphere and, under certain circumstances, can create incentives for their recovery and consolidation. This event brought together stakeholders who have participated in projects around the world to successfully dispose of ODS stockpiles. Panelists discussed their successful projects, different funding opportunities to dispose of them, and the collaborative work needed to do more projects in the future.

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