Eliminating CFC Stockpiles in Ghana


Status: Completed
Refrigerant destroyed
: more than 15,000 kg
Refrigerant gas type:
Greenhouse gas emissions avoided
: 150,000 tCO2e

In 2017, Tradewater developed the first refrigerant collection and destruction project in Africa. The carbon offset credits from Tradewater’s Ghana Project resulted from a grassroots program to locate, collect, and destroy dispersed cans and cylinders of CFCs that would have otherwise leaked into the atmosphere. Tradewater operated in partnership with a recycling center in Pokuase, Ghana called City Waste Recycling, Ltd. (CWR) that recycled old inefficient refrigerators. Tradewater worked with CWR to consolidate the refrigerants it collected from these old refrigerators, as well as a substantial stockpile of additional CFC refrigerants, and shipped the refrigerant to the United States for safe destruction. In two separate projects, more than 15,000 kg were destroyed, resulting in the issuance of more than 150,000 tons of carbon offset credits.

Want to Know More?
One overlooked way to fight climate change? Dispose of old CFCs.”, NatGeo (2019)

In April, 2019, National Geographic published an article about this project, which you can read here.